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NOTTREN provides engineering and technical services to power, oil and gas, and industrials firms. In the power industry, typical services provided include engineering feasibility studies, owner's engineer services, EPC services, business plan development, power project development and project financing development support. In the oil industry, services provided include technical support to operations teams at gas plants and oil production facilities, oil & gas field acquisition and development planning, dynamic reservoir modeling, reservoir development, natural gas plant simulation, and process engineering design. In the industrials industry, typical services provided include engineering design, operations management, process control and optimization, contract manufacturing services, plant engineering services, and plant turnaround and shutdown management.


NOTTREN blends technical and commercial expertise to support developers as they develop highly profitable power projects that integrate effective power solutions for communities with competitive returns to investors. Our teams provide a holistic mix of robust industry experience, extensive network access with cutting-edge technical and commercial expertise. We bring deep proficiency across all aspects of the value chain, and have access to technologies from all areas of the energy spectrum. Below is a summary of some of the ways we add value to projects commercially and technically.

Common engineering and technical services include:

  • Engineering feasibility studies
  • Power plant design
  • Owner’s engineer services
  • EPC services
  • Operations & Maintenance

Common project development and commercial services include:

  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Business plan development
  • Power project development
  • Project concept development
  • Project financing development support


We provide technical services to the oil & gas industry in such areas as oil & gas field acquisition and development planning, dynamic reservoir modeling, reservoir development projects, natural gas plant simulation and process engineering design. Additional details about some of our typical projects are provided below.

Dynamic reservoir modeling

We conduct reservoir modeling for both field development and optimization projects to evaluate reservoir characteristics, prepare production forecasts, and complete reservoir characterization studies

Reservoir development projects

We conduct reservoir development projects in such areas as shale gas development, water-flooding analysis, enhanced oil recovery, coal-bed methane, and gas storage

Natural gas plant simulation

We conduct simulation of natural gas plants to optimize production by analyzing operations such as reaction kinetics, glycol dehydration efficiency, gas compression, cryogenic cooling and gas-liquid distillation. Common simulation studies include natural-gas-liquid processing, fractionation, de-ethanization, de-propanization, de-butanization, Nitrogen rejection, dehydration, sulfur recovery, acid gas removal, Mercury removal and Helium recovery

Oil & gas field acquisition and development planning

We support oil & gas field acquisition and development planning by providing the following services

  • Mapping and interpretation of 2D/3D seismic
  • Integrating well logs with seismic interpretation
  • Reservoir mapping
  • Reserve Estimation
  • Waterflood design
  • Pressure Maintenance of reservoir

Process engineering design

Our oil & gas engineering design work covers:

  • HAZOP and HSE studies
  • PFD and P&ID development
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) document development
  • Preparation of technical operating manuals
  • Management of Change (MOC) optimization
  • Process modifications
  • Turnaround management for maintenance of heavy equipment
  • Equipment sizing calculations and analysis


We provide engineering and technical services to the industrials sector in such areas as engineering design, operations management, process control and optimization, contract manufacturing services, plant engineering services, and plant turnaround and shutdown management. Some of these services are described in greater detail below.

Process control and optimization

We provide process analysis and optimization support to chemical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical plants. We also provide process control and automation support for plants

Contract manufacturing services

We provide contract manufacturing services that encompass the product engineering, prototyping and design for manufacturing. We also support mass production, low-cost manufacturing, international procurement and shipping

Plant engineering services

We provide plant engineering services that cover engineering feasibility studies, plant design concept development, front end engineering design and detailed design. We also provide troubleshooting and technical support to plant operations management teams

Turnaround management for plants and factories

We plan and implement turnaround and shutdown processes for online plants in manufacturing, chemical and process industries, as well as for a variety of purposes – including maintenance, unscheduled repairs, plant medications and upgrades

Our Core Areas

Feasibility studies

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Engineering Project Development

EPC services

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of engineering services, including feasibility studies, engineering project development, front end engineering design (FEED), and EPC and EPCM services.

Feasibility Studies

NOTTREN’s expertise and experience in undertaking engineering project feasibility studies can benefit your organization through • Independent evaluation of your project’s viability • Effective presentation of your project to your board and financiers • Adding value to the process design • Optimizing plant power generation.


NOTTREN’s experts have delivered Front-End-Engineering-Design (FEED) studies for various firms. With a global pool of domain experts who combine the right balance of technology and industry expertise, NOTTREN provides FEED services covering the Oil & Gas, Power and Industrials industries


NOTTREN supports firms providing project development services for the oil, power and industrials industries. Our development service focuses on our client's need to further develop their project through application engineering from due diligence, cost estimating all the way to conceptual design. Project Development services include conceptual level performance calculations, plant layouts, equipment specifications, cost estimating, and economic evaluations


NOTTREN supports EPC contractors by offering various engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services. NOTTREN helps solve clients’ problems with EPC and design-build services in the oil and gas, power and industrials industries. Our EPC services encompass detailed design engineering; procurement and expediting; construction and construction management; quality control/quality assurance; and startup and training


NOTTREN supports EPCM Contracting (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) firms focused on energy and industrials projects. We have the engineering and technical capabilities to provide turnkey solutions from design to hand over. We provide equipment planning and specifications according to the customer need, design the layout, procure the equipment and materials, install and commission the equipment and systems, conduct testing and operator training before handing over the completed project to the client


NOTTREN does NOT trade in engineered products but rather provides technical support before and after purchase of such products. Some examples of products we provide technical support for are below

Power Plants

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that design, build, and maintain power plants. NOTTREN's experts understand the complex compliance requirements for bringing new power plant construction on line. NOTTREN’s execution excellence and proven expertise ensure that our client’s projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Fittings For Power Lines

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that supply fitting for power lines. We can advise on various products needed to install and maintain communication, transmission and distribution power lines. Some examples include such fittings as clamps, joints, links, hangers, horns, rings, dampers, spacers as well as conductor and tower protection


NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that supply. We support firms supplying low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage switchgear for the distribution, transmission and generation sectors.

Gas Generators and Hybrid Generators

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms supplying and managing a wide variety of power generation systems, including natural gas-fuelled, hybrid solar systems and retrofitted generation systems. We train their sales and technical support teams, and well as build a host of operations management applications to enable them manage their systems efficiently

Fractional Distillation Equipment

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms supplying and managing fractional distillation equipment and the related apparatus, such as strong alkalis, acids and aggressive solvents, pure liquids, apparatus with transparent reaction vessel, condensers and distillation heater.

Gas Processing Equipment

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that design and supply gas processing equipment like evaporators, absorbers, scrubbers and separators. We also support drying systems, crystallizers, acid recovery systems, reaction systems, skid mounted process equipment systems and gasification processors.

Oil Separation Equipment

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that supply oil separation equipment. We also support filters, dryers and air compressor accessories. Capabilities include design engineering, construction, rebuilding, installation, wiring, welding, in-house machining, fabricating, balancing and rewinding/overhauling.

Pumps and Compressors

NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that supply pumps and compressors for various uses. The types of equipment supported include air compressors, centrifugal pumps, dispensing and measuring pumps, and oil well and oil field pumps.


NOTTREN provides technical support to firms that supply high-quality instrumentation valves and fittings. NOTTREN is capable of supporting different product categories, including: general instrumentation valves and fittings, medium and high pressure valves and fittings, semiconductor and specialty gas valves and fittings, and closed-loop sampling systems.

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